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Brazil Trip 2023 Days 3 & 4

On Friday, after breakfast, the team had the opportunity to spend time with the campers attending the "poor kids camp." The children participating in the camp are mostly kids who attend the Bible Clubs in the slums and their counselors for the camp are often the teachers at the Bible Clubs in Recife. We were reminded again of how kind, emotive and relational the Brazilian people are.

On Friday evening there was a dinner in honor of the staff who have served at camp over the past three weeks. We were able to hear testimonies from many of them recounting the Lord's blessings over the last three weeks of camp.

This morning we got away from the campsight somewhat early to do a bit of sightseeing. Once English camp begins on Monday, we won't have the opportunity to do any touring. So, as in previous trips, we front-ended the "fun" to the beginning portion of our time here Maria and Antonio took us to the beach. We were driven around in these very cool dune buggies!

The water was a refreshing 85 degrees!

We also had a boat ride to see some seahorses and crab.

Tonight we were able to end our "tourism day" with dinner at a Brazilian BBQ. Good times!

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day.

Looking forward to having our souls refreshed.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will visit the slums and see some of the kids and counselors we met on Thursday and Friday, God-willing.

Thanks so much for your prayers for us!



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