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Brazil Trip: Days 7 and 8

The schools in Brazil are on vacation for the months of January and July. This is the reason why camps are hosted here at MCB Brasil during those two months. During the remainder of the year, churches and other gospel ministries in the region rent out the camp, similar to Camp Sankanac. I thought I would begin this update with a picture tour of the camp.

Roads Entering The Camp

July is Brazil's rainy season. The roads entering the camp are always messy, but especially now. In fact, Maria's car, carpooling a few of our team members last Thursday night, got stuck on this road. The local residents, including the camp, have began a collection to have the roads smoothed.

Entrance to the Camp

The camp, like all the properties, is compounded by walls and an entrance gate.

Famous MCB Van

This 2013 van has gotten a lot of use. It is the main source of transportation for the MCB team and for us when we are in Recife.

Groundskeeper's Home

A very kind Christian family lives in this home that is just to the left when you enter. They manage the camp, grounds and buildings yearround.


The chapel is where all the corporate preaching and teaching takes place. It seats about 200.

Soccer Field

Most of the group games are held on this field and the gymnasium.


We taught the English Campers how to play kickball today. They enjoyed it so much that we played it in the afternoon as well.



The cantine serves acai bowls, sodas and other delicious snacks during the afternoon and late into the evening. It's a camper favorite.


Dining Room

This dining commons was opened since we were here in 2019. It's much more spacious and accessible than the old one.

Our Schedule For the Week

English Classes

The team is doing a super job in teaching their English classes. Here are a few pics of the classes.

We are also having a lot of fun. Thanks for your prayers!

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