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Brazil Trip: Days Five and Six

Updated: Jul 28

On Sunday we were able to join the livestream of the EBBC worship. It was a great blessing to each of us.

After lunch, Maria took us to one of the slums where some of the campers we met last week live. It was pretty cool for our team to see familiar faces from camp and to have them walk around their neighborhood with us.

It was especially interesting to be able to see the location of Dora's Bible Club location in this slum. Dora is Maria's sister. She holds a Bible Club that reaches nearly 200 in a bar. The bar operates during the day and most nights, but Dora is able to use the building on Monday nights for Bible Club. It was cool to see the kids running towards her as we walked with her through the neighborhood.

The team returned to the camp around 9pm last night. Each of the team members moved to their assigned rooms where they will be counselors for the week of English Speaking Camp. The campers begin arriving at 9am on Monday.

Before camp began today, Maria showed me some text messages she received today. One of the English Speaking campers that was sponsored by folls from EBBC in 2019 was saved during the camp. He has continued to follow Christ, is now married and has a child. He is planning on stopping by the camp tomorrow to see us. (Pics in the next email!)

The team was at breakfast at 7:30am today. That was followed by an organizational meeting with Maria before the campers began arriving. Our team is not only teaching this week, they are the counselors for the campers. So, as campers areived this morning, they showed them to their room and helped them get settled.

Our first event today was lunch, followed by the first session of the English Classes. There are four levels of instruction: Beginners, Pre-Intermmediate, Intermmediate, and Advanced.

The classes are followed each day by a sports time. Today's event was a race through an obstacle course. It was a lot of fun.

Each night at dinner is a special theme night. Tonight's theme was "Robotics Night."

The evening service is at 7:30pm each evening. Please pray for us each night around 6:30pm (EST) as Joe and I preach.

All for now!


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