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EBBC Brazil Trip 2023-Day One & Two

Eleven of us from EBBC left the church for Brazil on Wednesday at 11:45 am. Our flights and connections were smooth and uneventful. PTL! Below is our team:

Shannon Baille Ashley Rickards

Joe Bolduc Caleb Rickards

Sabrina Bolduc Lauren Rickards

Cheryl Bradon Ann Wuertz

Brian Fuller Nicole Wuertz

Karyssa Fuller

Maria and the team picked us up at the airport in Recife at 5:45 pm. The time is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Besides some of the girls getting stuck in the mud ( it's their rainy season right now!) in Maria's car, we arrived at the camp uneventfully!

We arrived during what they call "poor kids camp." Most of these kids live in the slums and participate in Bible clubs during the year. Their camp will conclude this afternoon.

The kitchen staff treated us to a delicious meal after we arrived. It was amazing. Steak and potatoes, followed by yummy dessert!

It's really great to be able to partner with Maria, Antonio, and the team again. They are pretty special people!

Everyone was able to get to bed around 11 pm last night and they don't have to be at breakfast until 8:30 am! We are spoiling them! :-)

Picture of the Dormitory for the Campers

Today will be mostly an observation day, and preparation day for the English Speaking Camp that begins on Monday.

Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support. Nearly $4000 was donated for sponsorships. Thank you, and praise the Lord!

PB (For the Brazil Team)

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