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Final Day. What a Trip!

We left the Petra Moon Luxury Hotel at 8am this morning to begin our final day of our trip. We are traveling today on the King's Highway.

The King's Highway

The King's Highway is a famous trade route. It was this route that is noted in the Bible as the road that Moses was banned from using by the King of Edom as he tried to lead the people through.

Moses' Spring

Our first quick stop was at Moses' Spring (Ayn Musa-Arabic) is the Bedouin, traditional location of where Moses struck the rock with his staff in order to supply water for the Israelites. (Numbers 20:2-13) This traditional site was three miles away from our hotel in Petra. There is no Biblical indication that this is the actual place. However, it is in the general areas of where this took place.

There has been a three-domed structure built over the spring, which continues to supply water to Petra today.

Mount Hor

We passed by Mount Hor which is the Biblical location of the death and burial of Aaron. (Numbers 20:22-29)

Arnon Valley

When Moses led the Israelites to the eastern shores of the Jordan river, the Arnon marked the boundary between Moab and the Amorites (Num. 22:36) This area was later allotted by Moses to the tribe of Reuben (Deut. 3:8; 12, 16; Josh. 12:1-2)


Mark 6:14-29 recounts the story of the execution of John the Baptist. The Greek word for "sword" is makhaira. Machaerus was a hilltop palace and desert fortress, similar to Masada.

Cave where John the Baptist was likely jailed.

According to the Jewish Historian, Josephus, this is the location of the imprisonment and execution of John the Baptist.

Mount Nebo

Early in the Book of Deuteronomy, the LORD commanded Moses to climb one of the peaks of Mount Nebo, the summit of Pisgah, so that he could see the Promised Land, although he would not be allowed to enter. (Deut. 3:27)

At the end of Deuteronomy (34:1–4), we see more specifically what He sees.

Also on Mount Nebo, on the peak in the foreground, Abarim, Balaam attempted to curse the children of Israel after being hired by the King of Moab, Balak. (Numbers 22-25) Interestingly, each time he would try to curse them, he would utter a blessing.

The Madaba Map

We finished our study trip at the Byzantine Church of Saint George Church in Madaba, Jordan. The Madaba Map contains the oldest cartographic (mapped, learning device) depiction of the Holy Land. It was put together in the sixth century.

Thank you to all of you who cheered us on, prayed for us, and were so interested in our travels. This was one of the most impactful trips I have ever been on. I am extremely grateful for Barry Keiser (and Jean!) and his godly, capable leadership of this study tour. And, all 26 of the group from EBBC were the best! No complaining. Rather, constant encouragement and engagement were given for the entire trip!

We will plan to take another trip from EBBC to Israel in February of 2025, God-willing.

Pray about joining us!




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2 Kommentare

17. Feb. 2023

I so enjoyed this trip with all of you from home.

God's blessings

Gefällt mir

17. Feb. 2023

Thanks for taking the time to feed your flock Pastor, this was very educational as well as Spiritual. Well done!

Gefällt mir
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