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From the Coram Deo Conference-Day #2

We began day #2 of the Coram Deo conference with a real treat in hearing Carl Trueman, Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies at Grove City College. He is the author of many books, most recently The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self. His talk was entitled, "Ministering in an Age of Identity Confusion."

Trueman began with describing how swiftly, mainly due to technology, things are changing in our culture. And, if we are not careful we will panic. Dr. Trueman said, however, "The church has been, and remains the answer to this confused generation." As a historian, Carl believes that different eras in church history call for different emphases to address erroneous teaching. He believes that teaching Biblical anthropology is the need of the hour. Biblical liturgy (worship) is also needed, because this is a means of grace that God uses to progressively shape His people.

Dr. Kevin DeYoung, the host pastor of the conference spoke in the second session of the conference on the doctrine of the impeccability of Christ. We briefly looked at this when we considered the temptation of Christ from Mark 1 a few Sundays ago. The doctrine of the impeccability states that Christ was not only sinless, he was unable to sin (non possee peccare). It was a tremendous doctrinal sermon.

Our third session, just after lunch was brought by Greg Gilbert. His session title was, "What is the Mission of the Church?" He argued that the mission of the church is most clearly explained in the Great Commission, and that the other good things we do as Christians (social justice, community involvement, etc.) are virtuous, but are secondary or something other than the mission of the church altogether.

Late in the afternoon we enjoyed another panel with Jonathan Leeman and Kevin DeYoung, moderated by Justin Taylor. It was entitled, "Christianity and Politics: What Is the Role of the Church? The Pastor? The Christian?" This was a helpful discussion.

Our second night concluded with a stirring message by Pastor John Piper from II Corinthians 4. We finished the day with singing Christ Our Hope In Life and Death.

More tomorrow, for the last day of the conference!


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