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A Prayer Offered at Hudson's Dedication

"When the time came ...Joseph and Mary took him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord. " (Luke 2:22)

Kind Father,

Following the pattern of Jesus’ earthly parents, Hudson’s mom, and dad are presenting him to You today in holy dedication. 

Oh God, You graciously and lovingly gave him to his parents, and now they dedicate him back to You in praise and surrender. 

Hudson is a gift from You, Lord. He has already brought his parents, uncles and aunts, grandparents, and great-grandparents so much joy! We call him "Happy Hudson!" He’s the best!!

We humbly ask that Hudson listen, learn, and receive his parents’ instruction, nurture, correction, and discipline. 

Draw Hudson to Yourself, sovereign Father. Open the eyes of his heart and give him the gift of repentance from his sin and faith in Your Son, Jesus. 

Spirit of God, pursue his heart. We plead with You to penetrate his soul with the Scriptures! May he memorize and meditate on Your words day and night. 

Cause Hudson to hate sin and love righteousness. And, Father, just like Your Son Jesus, pour over his head the oil of gladness!

Grant him life-long, iron-sharpening-iron, friendships. Please prepare for Hudson a Bride whom he will cherish, serve and delight in until death they part. And, fashion him into a gracious Father like Yourself, as he raises another generation to fear, love and serve You!

May Hudson be an arrow from the Leiss quiver who makes a big gospel mark for You! Powerful Lord, equip him through his home and church to live courageously, humbly, and faithfully as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Finally, we commit Jamison and Brianna to You, merciful Father. Give them grace, Lord , to trust You completely as parents because they will surely feel inadequate at times and believe they have failed. May they find their security and justification totally in You! Sustain them. Encourage them. Forgive them. Give them confidence in Your unfailing grace!

We pray these things in the strong and glorious name of Jesus! Amen!

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