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On Fifty Years...

18,250 days ago, on a Tuesday, in Nineteen-Seventy-Three,

You gave me life.

Roe was decided the month I was conceived.

But, You graciously preserved me.

I don’t remember a time of not hearing the good news.

You gave me parents and grandparents who taught me the Scriptures,

And many songs and hymns of grace.

That are still in my heart today.

It was on that 3rd day of July, 1985

When You, in mercy, opened my eyes

Then, and only then,

Did I see my sin and Your boundless love for me.

And, those teenage years, when You pursued me,

Even as I was cold towards Thee.

Then, six equipping years at BJU,

With caring mentors and friends that formed me.

She's the kindest gift You've ever given;

A certain, sweet, taste of Heaven.

On July 18, 1998, You gave me Becky

My soulmate, lover and dearest friend.

A miracle, four times over, You gave us,

First, Brianna, then Karyssa,

And, Aiden and finally, Cade, my last son.

But, there was still plenty of room for Jamison.

You gave us 18 years at Trinity. All our children were born in the 603 vicinity So many friends, memories and even heartaches, Yet we still call it "home" today.

In January of 2016 we said "goodbye" to Trinity,

Yet, our sad hearts were made glad by the EBBC Family.

On September 19th, our Hudson James Leiss was born,

And, my love for him is more than I can poem.

I realize that I've now lived more than I will live.

But, I want to use the rest of my life to give:

"Lord Jesus, take my life and let it be,

Consecrated, Lord to Thee."

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