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Sights & Sounds from Sabbatical #4

Another benefit of a sabbatical is that it pushes you to trust God. Taking time off is forcing me to have a fresh recognition that the Lord is in control. It's the same reason we should observe a weekly sabbath; so that we don't put too much trust in our own work and output. An extended sabbath (a sabbatical) is clearly showing me that the Lord is able to keep things going without me. It is freeing. It releases us from the anxiety, worry and striving that is birthed from our thinking that everything depends upon us and our work. No one pastor is the center of God's work in a church. God is.

Karyssa and I spent the first half of last week with Bri, Jamison and our grandson, Hudson. Boy, do I miss him when we have to say goodbye!

Hudson getting ready for Trunk or Treat!

My son-in-law is from PA. What can I say?

I read two books this week: Before You Lose Your Faith: Deconstructing Doubt in the Church. and Set Adrift: Deconstructing What You Believe Without Sinking Your Faith. I am preparing for a worldview conference with high school students that I have the privilege of speaking at in Lansdale, PA on November 1st. Thanks for your prayers.

Yesterday, it was an absolute joy to officiate the wedding of Todd Stine and Amy Maxcy at EBBC. I'm so happy for this couple!

This morning Becky, Cade and I joined the believers at Calvary Chapel, Chester Springs for Lord's Day worship. Pastor Chris Swansen spoke from Exodus 33:4-23 this morning and he made helpful comments and gave keen insights as he worked through the passage.

Please pray for my father-in-law, Jim Tavis. He had open-heart surgery on Friday. He is doing well and the surgeon believes the quadruple bypass was successful. We are going to see him on Tuesday and Wednesday, God-willing. Thanks for your prayers for his complete recovery.

I had breakfast with one of our elders this weekend and I saw about a dozen of you in town, here-and-there, throughout the week. That was really nice!

Praying for you often!

Much love,


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