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Sights & Sounds from Sabbatical-Post #12

My son Aiden turned 16 on April 12th.

Around our home, turning sixteen is a "big" birthday deserving of a "big" gift.

Since he can remember having conscious thought, Aiden has wanted to go to a New England Patriot football game at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA.

So, when the schedule came out, (thinking our team would be good :-() we chose the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The game was this weekend. Aiden and I had a blast at the game even though we came up on the losing end, again.

While in New England, Aiden and I were able to join in on the service at Tremont Baptist Temple Church. TBTC is located in downtown Boston and has a rich history. Like EBBC, it was in the American Baptist Convention for years. It is now pastored by Pastor Jaime Owens, a faithful brother. One of the elders, Jesse Scheumann, brought a thought-provoking sermon this morning from Isaiah 14:3-23 on the End of Evil. When we lived in NH, and would tour Boston, we would always take our group to see the Tremont Temple. The building is beautiful and the accoustics are amazing.

Guess who is in PA? How did you know?! :-) Here are some of my favorite pics! Hudson turns three months old on Tuesday. But, who's counting!?

I meant to include this in my last post, but on December 1st, our own Maddie McLaughlin, who is a sophomore at Liberty University, wrote a letter to the editor for the Daily Local entitled, Letter to the Editor: GOP Must continue to defend and protect innocent lives.

Please read it! Excellent work, Maddie! Thank you!

Three weeks from today I'll return to leading worship on Sundays at EBBC, God-willing.

I'm excited to get back.

Only two more of these posts.

Praying for you!

Much love,


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