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Sights & Sounds from Sabbatical -Post #2

This was day eight of sabbatical.

First, this would be true whether I was on sabbatical or not, but one of my new favorite daily events is a Facetime visit with my grandson, Hudson each day. Here are a few of my fav pics from this week. He's gained a whole pound since he came home and he has grown in length too. He's sleeping pretty well at night as well. We love him so much!

This past week was a good week. I do confess that on Wednesday I asked Becky what would everyone think at EBBC if I told them that four days of sabbatical has turned out to be enough, and I'm ready to come back? :-) I was sort of kidding.

I've kept up with something this week that I began last Sunday. I've read through the gospel of Mark completely each day this week. For me, it takes about 45 minutes. It has been super refreshing. Each day, I'm noticing something different than the day before. I realize that is how rich all of God's Word is. But, seeing Jesus "in action" every day has been soul food. I'm going to do it again this week.

I've also been doing quite a bit of reading. The last few days I've been reading an old classic, time-management book called Getting Things Done. I'm also re-reading Tim Keller's classic on Prayer. I love that book!

I was able to pray with a few of you this week by phone. That was special.

I did some work on preaching/teaching calendar for 2024 last week. It was fun to begin drafting where we will be in the Word together next year.

Last night was a special treat. We had an Israel Trip Reunion at Brian and Janet Doane's home. We had a really encouraging time. My heart is heavy and burdened for Israel after the terrorist attack yesterday, though. Pray with me for them.

This morning, Becky and I (and Cade) attended Windsor Baptist Church. In case you didn't know, Windsor Baptist Church planted our church, East Brandywine Baptist Church, a few years ago...1843! :-) We had a good time worshipping with the believers at Windsor this morning. Pastor Ben O'Toole spoke a great message from Genesis 30:25-43 contrasting Jacob, a man growing in faith, with Laban, an unbeliever. He made some helpful applications about how men and women of faith should respond to Labans in our lives.

Tomorrow, I turn 50, God-willing. The Lord has been so gracious and merciful to me. I have so many things, people (all of you) and experiences that the Lord has kindly given me that I am so grateful for. Tomorrow will be a day of praise.

Next Saturday, I and Karyssa will be running the Hartford Marathon, God-willing.

I've had extra time to pray and write notes to many of you this week.

Looking forward to doing more of that this coming week.

Much love,


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