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Sights & Sounds from Sabbatical -Post #5

I've tried to unplug from "All Things EBBC" over the past twenty-nine days; but, today I made an exception. Missions Celebration Sunday is one of my favorite Lord's Days each year at EBBC. So, I just had to watch the Sunday Class updates and the worship gathering from this morning. I'm glad I did. My heart was blessed to hear the updates from our missionaries, the singing, and the message by Hector. I hope you were able to be there. I am disappointed I missed the lunch, too :-( A big "THANK YOU!' to our missions' team for organizing the entire day. And, I LOVE the prayer catalogs that you gave everyone today! Thank you! (I might have snuck into the church and got mine. :-)

Thank you for those of you who have been praying for my father-in-law, Jim Tavis, who had open-heart surgery on the 13th. He is in rehab presently and doing well. There are, however, a few challenges with his leg where they extracted a vein for the bypass. Thank you for continued prayers for Jim's full recovery.

This fifth week of sabbatical was blessed. I enjoyed reading a short book by Joel M. Settecase entitled, The Bible Based Worldview-A Guide To Believing By the Book. I think I mentioned last week that I am preparing to give three talks at a Worldview Conference for senior high students on Wednesday in Lansdale, PA. I appreciate your prayers.

Once again this past week, I was able to sneak-in a visit with my favorite grandson, Hudson. (I probably won't be able to say that for too long!) It was also really nice to have some extended time with my my oldest son, daughters and my son-in-law.

Here are some of my favorite pics:

I was able to do a little bit of "work" this week on recruiting summer pastoral interns. I got a good contact from North Greenville University as well.

I also received some really kind texts and notes this week from some of you. You know who you are! Thank you! They all encouraged me!

This morning we attended worship at Christ First Downingtown (formally, Calvary Fellowship). Pastor Lee Wiggins brought an excellent and timely sermon from I John 4:1-3. Becky, Cade and I were all very encouraged by the message. One application I jotted-down in my journal was particularly impacting: "the spirit of antichrist is at work in our lives every time something or someone rivals Jesus in our lives."

We finished our evening having dinner with some dear friends from EBBC. Blessed!

I'm praying and praising the Lord for you often!

Much Love,


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1 comentario

30 oct 2023

Thanks for the updates. It's a pleasure to hear about your family time and the books you are reading. I find myself looking forward to your commentary on the Sunday sermons at the churches you are attending.

Me gusta
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